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Scoop E-Z™ 15cc No-Mess!
a convenient, easy way to add powdered mix to your water or sports bottle with NO mess!
This 15cc Scoop E-Z™ is made for people who want to add supplements or drink mixes to their bottles. It is designed to deliver a full scoop with no mess! You get a perfect scoop every time. The reusable Scoop E-Z™ allows you to buy supplements and drink mixes in bulk, saving you money.For Denser Supplement / Carbohydrate Materials15cc= ~7 grams of dense supplement and carbohydrate type materialsFor Lighter Protein / Supplement Materials15cc= ~4 grams of protein and supplement type materials*When using volumetric measurements to attain weight with a scoop, the desired serving be slightly off. P
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A variety of measuring scoops for all your protein needs!
Measure your protein and supplement powders with ease using True Nutrition's range of measuring scoops! True Nutrition has provided volumetric measurement charts for the majority of our raw materials in each of the individual product descriptions, which should be used when selecting the most appropriate scoop size for your desired serving. We have provided the approximate yield for each of these scoop sizes below, as well, but for the most accurate dosing, be sure to use a milligram-sensitive scale where precision is required.For Denser Supplement / Carbohydrate Materials1.7cc= ~1 gram of dens
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