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Paleo Greens Powder
PaleoPro Paleo Greens Powder (30 Servings)
vitamins, minerals, enzymes. 100% plant based protein. antioxidants & probiotics. vegan & gluten free. healthy fatty acids. naturally delicious. no soy or whey. high in calcium.
We’ve packed the incredible benefits of some of nature’s most potent “super-greens” into our tasty paleo greens powder! Organic Hemp Seeds in our mix keep it high in protein, amino acids, Omega-3, and fiber to help regulate digestion and insulin.* - Antioxidant rich Alfalfa and Kale in our paleo greens powder add essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes while supporting a healthy and alkaline inflammatory response.* - The nutrient dense Spirulina (green algae) is especially high in the beneficial fatty acids GLA and CLA while assisting the body in heavy metal detoxification.* Ingredients: O
Price: $27.99 
Paleo Protein Powder (2lbs)
PaleoPro Paleo Protein Powder (1lb)
24g Protein per Serving. Minimal Processing. Paleo Ingredients. No Whey or Soy. Totally Delicious. All Natural. Available in Ancient Cacao, Aztec Vanilla, and Plain Naked!
Whey? NO WHEY! Most protein powders claiming to be “paleo” are derived from whey...but whey protein is dairy and not paleo! NO SOY! The protein in our mix is minimally processed and not instantized with soy like most other protein mixes. We use lean beef, whole eggs, and egg whites that have been dried and ground into a fine powder. Available raw (unsweetened/unflavored) or naturally flavored and sweetened with Stevia - there is nothing artificial in this mix. Feed your muscles properly with this all natural protein containing paleo ingredients and packing 24g protein per serving! Visit
Price: $34.99 
Paleo Recovery Powder (1lbs)
PaleoPro Paleo Recovery Powder (1lb)
all natural. gluten free. high in natural BCAA. full of vitamin A & C. low glycemic index. super bio-available. paleo ingredients. no soy or whey.
Ah, the sweet potato…that paleo approved, wonder veggie full of vitamins, carotenes and naturally balancing electrolytes is now available as a paleo recovery powder! As paleo people know, sweet potatoes are the perfect carbohydrate source for post-workout/glycogen recovery – and now you can conveniently carry that goodness around with you! Our recovery powder also adds a hydrolyzed/pre-digested egg white protein, allowing the body to spend less time breaking down protein bonds and more time building muscle. Easy digestion, faster absorption, and better assimilation of amino acids all in a grea
Price: $34.99 
Beef Protein Isolate
Beef Protein Isolate (1lb.)
A potent protein powder made from extracted beef aminos!*
Source: Spray dried/instantized beef extracted aminos. 90% ProteinTaste: Slightly salty beef/coffee flavor. Slight gritty texture. Mixability: Best shaken in shaker cup/blender bottle. Notes: Will affect taste when added over 25% in custom mix. Goes well with Chocolate and Mocha type flavors. Popular in Paleo mixes with egg and hemp proteins. Contains Soy Lecithin. 
Price: $12.91 - $13.59
Egg White Protein
Egg White Protein (1lb.)
Used to build muscle, burn fat, increase energy, and lose weight! Instantized without the use of soy lecithin.*
Source: Spray dried/instantized from egg whites. >80% Protein Taste: Slightly salty flavor with a smooth consistency. Mixability: Best shaken in shaker cup/blender bottle. Notes: One of the most bio-available proteins available. Goes well with Chocolate and Peanut Butter flavors. Popular in Paleo mixes with beef and hemp proteins. Contains no soy lecithin. 
Price: $19.94 - $20.99
Sacha Inchi Protein Powder
Sacha Inchi Protein Powder (1lb.)
A vegetarian superfood rich in dietary fiber and omega fatty acids from the Sacha Inchi seed!*
Source: Plant-based protein. >60% Protein. Taste: Nutty taste, coarse texture due to insoluble fiber content. Mixability: Best shaken in shaker cup/blender bottle. Notes: High in omega fatty acids and dietary fiber. Some particles may suspend but not dissolve. Goes well with Chocolate and Cookie flavors. Add to Gemma Pea Protein and Rice Protein for a rounded vegan blend! 
Price: $20.42 - $21.49
Whole Egg Protein
Whole Egg Protein (1lb.)
A weight gainer protein filled with naturally-occurring protein and fat!*
Source: Pasteurized whole eggs. >45% Protein. Taste: Strong salty/sulfery taste. Mixability: Best shaken in shaker cup/blender bottle. Notes: Frequently added to weight gainer and wholefoods meal replacement formulas. Goes well with Chocolate and Cookie flavors. Adding more than 20% may affect overall taste. 
Price: $13.58 - $14.29